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We are a long established company since 1972. Leading Designers and   Manufacturers of innovative multiband  antennas based in the UK. Our Products  are used by Utility Companies , Film & Audio Companies, Smart Metering Services, Asset Tracking, Traffic Management, Automotive Industry, In Bulding & DAS, Medical, Transportation, Covert Emergency Services, Telemetry , Public Security & Monitoring , PMR /DMR companies , Police ,Vending Machine & Kiosk Companies .

Our products are used and deployed in applications and home and internationally for various spectrums including:

LOW BAND, MARINE, DMR, VHF, UHF,TETRA, GPRS, UMTS, LoRa WAN, PLWA , ISM, M2M, AMPS, PCS, DCS, 2G, 3G, 4G  ,5G , LTE, WIFI, GPS,GNSS, GSM, WI-MAX, WLAN ,  BLUETOOTH, GLONASS, DAB, DME , MIMO ANTENNAS  2.4 GHZ . 5.6 GHZ , 5.8GHZ / Iridium, 3.6 GHZ , ESN ANTENNAS ,  CBRS Also antennas can be manufactured to bespoke frequency specifications.

We manufacture many styles of antennas for internal and external use  including: Yagi, Base Stations, Dipoles, Mobile Antennas, Portable Antennas, Covert  Antennas , Embedded Antennas , Combination Antennas , LTE Transit Antennas , PMR Antennas , LTE /GSM Signal Booster  Antennas , TETRA Antennas , 2G/3G/4G/5G Combination Antennas, GPS/GNSS Antennas.

We also supply specially made up leads and RF connectors Including RF400 , RF195 , RF240 , RG58 , URM76 , RG213  we also undertake  bespoke antenna design work , toolmaking injection moulding for bespoke projects also assembley work undertaken. All antennas can be made to customers specifications. If what your are  looking for is not on our web site then please call us as we do manufacture in house  a whole array of bespoke antennas for all kinds of applications and can be tuned to specified frequencys .  BADLAND PRODUCTS ARE ALL  MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM . FOR COMPETITIVE PRICING AND MORE INFORMATION  PLEASE CLICK ON THE QUOTE BUTTON. We offer fast delivery turn around.